Our Team

Kristie Amobi

CEO / Founder
Establishes the overall strategy to increase growth and market share. An expert in expanding into new markets and building and moving the pipeline.

Sarah Close

Determines the go-to-market strategy and executes the action plan. An expert in product marketing, field marketing and marketing communications.

Linda Souza

Defines precise, surgical lead generation programs that deliver meaningful results for sales performance. An expert in SaaS and Salesforce

Chris Markham

Seasoned curator of brand positioning and strategy. An expert jack-of-all-trades in all things marketing communications. WordPress junkie.

Paul Shomer

Constructs creative content that drives brand awareness. Expert in marketing communications, brand strategy and product positioning.

Melissa Spolar

Account Specialist
Executes detailed lead generation and nurturing. Supports execution of clients' marketing action plans. Experienced in MailChimp and Zoho.

Our Deployment Experience


We provide a wide range of marketing services to support growth and performance.